JS 400 ATV
JS400ATV is equipped with a 400cc powerful special engine of low speed and big torque. It is a high-tech top class product as it adopts many advanced technologies such as four-wheel drive mechanism, deep tread low- pressure vacuum tires, changing device between two- and four-wheel drives, high-tech digital meters, combined air and oil cooling system for the engine, single-shaft gear shock-absorbing equilibrium device, transmission auxiliary clutch, automatic clutch, Inside reverse shifting device, coaxial output device, plunger type vacuum carburetor and digital CDI, etc.

"Select 2 wheel drive for normal use and switch into 4X4 mode when the terrain or job requires it. The engine is 100% designed for ATV use complete with a pull start to get you going if the electric start is not an option. Also aftermarket accessories like snow plows, winches and others are readily available" ------- Tanks Sports Inc
Jianshe is OEM manufatcory of Tank Sports Scout 400 ATV
Drawing on Japanese technology through cooperative collaboration the Scout 400U is a machine built to handle whatever job you throw at it. 
Jianshe ATV has outstanding power force, reliability, durability and comfort. Both its driving noise and emission have reached the international standards.  With its fashionable appearance and sturdy profile, Jianshe ATV reveals a unique character and modern flavor.They can also play an important role in the places such as sand beach, grasslands desert, forest, farms, mines, oil fields, snow land, construction sites and frontier posts.

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Jianshe ATV developed by Jianshe Industries Group is a completely new series product, which contains afew foreign advanced technologies as well as our own intellectual property rights.
Each 40' Continer hold 29 units JS 400 ATV Mountian lin 
Type of Engine Single-cylinder OIL-cooled, 4-stroke
Rated Power 16kw(6500r/min)
Max. Torque 26N.m(5000r/min)
Transmission 5 speed forward/1 reverse
  Entire vehicle:  
Dimensions 2100×1125×1175mm
Net Weight 270kg
Max. Speed 70km/h
Maxload 210kg
Type of Start Hand pulled recoil starter/electric starter
Final Drive Axle
Tire Size Front: AT25×8-12/22kPA Rear: AT25×10-12/25Kpa
Fuel Tank Capacity 14L
Type of Brake Brakes Front: disk brake Rear: drum brake
Climbability ≥25°
Seat height 860mm
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